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The Interior

The interior of Oliva Restaurant reflects the fresh colours of the Mediterranean. We’ve created a pleasant, light space where you’ll feel as if you’re on holiday or visiting good friends, a place you’ll want to stay that little bit longer. So, don’t leave right away – have some dessert as well…
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vývěsní štít restaurace oliva

The Exterior

We’ve decorated our corner of the street to help you find us and make you look forward to your visit from a distance. In return, we look forward to seeing you again!

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2014 PHOTOONE® - 020

Oliva's Cuisine

Here at Oliva, we know that meals must also be a feast for the eyes – that’s why we make a special effort to ensure our meals literally enchant you at a first sight.

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Plavecká 4
128 00 Prague 2
+420 222 520 288