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(platný od 9.8.2017)

Small platters…

…without meat

Aubergine terrine baked with Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and basil pesto 155 CZK
Little fresh Burrata cheese with a selection of tomatoes and basil 195 CZK
Baked goat cheese salad with marinated vegetables and olives 245 CZK


…with fish and seafood..

Seared wild shrimps & parma ham with raspberry aïoli sauce 225 CZK
Mediterranean octopus with strawberries, tomatoes, savory and millet-quinoa tabbouleh 285 CZK

… with meat

Salad with grilled beef steak, coriander, mint, Thai basil, caramelized shallots and chili-garlic dressing 225 CZK
Flan of foie gras with port wine, pistachio and fig chutney 235 CZK

… Soups…

Cream of roasted peppers with goat cheese and homemade focaccia  95 CZK
French fish soup with saffron and toast  125 CZK

…Pasta a risotto…

Tagliolini with grilled vegetables, mediterranean pesto and young pecorino shavings 165 CZK
Squid ink risotto with prawn, almonds, citrus scent and „guanciale“ chips 225 CZK
Linguini with calamari, clams, garlic confit, chilli, lime, coriander, tomatoes and baked peppers 245 CZK

…Fish and seafood…

Mediterranean style mussels served with garlic toast 600 g 265 CZK
Baked fish with seafood in foil “Cartoccio” with vegetables and served with toast 365 CZK
Fillet of sea bream with spicy salad of mango, red onion and coriander 425 CZK



Grilled cockerel with millet – quinoa and tabouleh with citrus 265 CZK
Slow cooked lamb with port wine and herbs, served with mashed sweet potatoes and hummus 285 CZK
Grilled beef entrecôte „Café de Paris“ served with homemade French fries and salad with walnut oil 395 CZK


Seafood party
Plate seafood served on salad with pomegranate, herb, homemade French fries with three sauces (aïoli, mediterranean pesto, herb crème fraîche), Mussels, Grilled octopus, Roast cod, Sautéed shrimp with garlic and herb butter, Battered softshell crab, Fried calamari
1590 CZK

Shrimps All you can eat

Wild shrimps with herbs and garlic, served with three types of sauces (shrimps are served 6 pieces per serving) Possibility to order every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m 790 Kč


Wild shrimps with parma ham 1pc 55 CZK
Cod fish croquettes / Serrano ham croquettes 75 CZK
Fried calamari with rapsberry sauce aïoli 145 CZK
Selection of finger food burgers 4pc 195 CZK
Fried softshell crab in batter with Wakame seaweed 285 CZK
 Selection of cheeses and ham with sundried tomatoes, pickled onions, Cornichons cucumbers and olives  285 CZK


Bread and butter pudding made of French croissants with apple chutney and crème fraîche 95 CZK
Catalana cream 105 CZK
 Dark chocolate mousse with sea salt flakes, pink pepper and pistachio crumble 115 CZK
 „Duetto“ dark chocolate cream and passion fruit cream 135 CZK
Homemade desserts of daily offer

 Kitchen is open till 10.30 p.m. The guests who arrive after 10 p.m., please order a whole menu.

 Information about contained allergens will be provided at customer’s request.



Coffee / Café

Espresso / Espresso Large 50 CZK
Espresso Macchiato / Ristretto / Ristretto Macchiatto 50 CZK
Double Espresso 66 CZK
Shakerato 55 CZK
Vienna coffee 60 CZK
Cappuccino vanilla/ chocolate / almond / caramel with cinnamon 60/65 CZK
Caffé Latte Macchiato vanilla/ chocolate / almond / caramel with cinnamon 60/65 CZK
Ice Cappuccino vanilla/ chocolate / almond / caramel with cinnamon 60/65 CZK
Irish coffee/ Bailey´s coffee 78 CZK


Hot chocolate with homemade cream (milk, dark or white chocolate) 75 CZK

Teas / Thés

Ronnefeldt tea 50 CZK
Fresh mint 75 CZK
Fresh ginger tea 79 CZK

Warm drinks/ Boissons chaudes

Hot apple 55 CZK
Mulled wine red/ white 75 CZK

Soft drinks

Home made ice tea – daily offerings 0,5 l 65 CZK
Home made lemonade – daily offerings 0,5 l 75 CZK
Mineral water sparkling/ lightly sparkling 0,33 l 45 CZK
Aquilla still 0,33 l 45 CZK
Coca Cola / Coca Cola light 0,33 l 49 CZK
Schweppes Indian Tonic 0,33 l 49 CZK
Grannini juice 0,2 l 49 CZK
Fresh orange 0,2 l 68 CZK
Vittel 1 l 135 CZK
Perrier 0,75 l 135 CZK


Crodino (non-alcoholic) 0,1 l 70 CZK
Ricard Pastis 0,04 l 75 CZK
Sherry Cream „Isabela“ 75 CZK
Dry Sherry Innocent 85 CZK
Aperol 0,08 l 85 CZK
Martini Dry / Blanc / Rouge 0,1 l 85 CZK
Campari Bitter 0,08 l 95 CZK
Kir / Kir Royal 0,15 l 90 / 100  CZK
Henri Lavigne brut 0,15 l /0,75 l 95 / 480  CZK
Aperol Spritz 140 CZK
The Port wine of choice

Biéres (0,33 l)

Pilsner Urquell 12° 45 CZK
Krušovice black 45 CZK
Stella Artois 55 CZK
Corona 80 CZK
Radegast Birell (non-alcoholic) 45 CZK

Cognacs & Brandy & Grappa 0,04 l

Lisker V.S. 85 CZK
Lisker V.S.O.P. 115 CZK
Lisker X.O. 275 CZK
Remy Martin V.S. 95 CZK
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 120 CZK
Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac 155 CZK
Metaxa 5* 85 CZK
Metaxa 7* 95 CZK
Metaxa 12* 115 CZK
Armagnac Lalanne V.S.O.P. 110 CZK
Calvados X.O. 120 CZK
Grappa of choice
Likéry / Liquers 0,04 l
Becherovka 55 CZK
Fernet Stock / Fernet Stock Citrus 55 CZK
Limoncello 60 CZK
Slivovice 50 % 65 CZK
Fernet Branca 70 CZK
Cointreau 75 CZK
Jägermeister 80 CZK
Baileys 80 CZK
Kahlúa 80 CZK
Drambuie 80 CZK
Ramazzotti Sambuca 80 CZK
Ramazzotti Amaro 80 CZK
Amaretto Disaronno 85 CZK
Absinthe 70 % 85 CZK
Grand Marnier Gordon Rouge 95 CZK
Chambord 95 CZK
Galliano 95 CZK
Fassbind aged pear brandy 155 CZK
Rhum & Gin 0,04 l
Havana Club Blanco 80 CZK
Gin Bombay Sapphire 80 CZK
Legendario 7 y.o. 120 CZK
Hendrick´s Gin 120 CZK
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 180 CZK
Vodka & Tequila 0,04 l
Vodka Absolut 75 CZK
Vodka Russkij Standard Original 90 CZK
Rare Vodka Gabriel Boudier (Dijon) 105 CZK
Whisky & Bourbon 0,04 l
Tullamore Dew 85 CZK
Four Roses 85 CZK
Johnie Walker Red Label 90 CZK
Johnie Walker Black Label y.o. 125 CZK
Jim Beam 85 CZK
Jameson 85 CZK
Jack Daniels 95 CZK
Jameson 12 y.o. 155 CZK
Chivas Regal 12 y.o. 110 CZK
Glenmorangie 10 y.o. 155 CZK
Glenfiddich 12 y.o. 155 CZK
Laphroaig 10 y.o. 155 CZK
Glenlivet 12 y.o. 155 CZK
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 y.o. 175 CZK
Oban 14 y.o. 180 CZK
Galliano Hot Shot (Galliano liquer, espresso, cream) 95 CZK
B 52 (Baileys, Kahlúa, Absinth) 95 CZK
Black Russian (vodka, coffee liquer) 120 CZK
White Russian (vodka, coffee liquer) 125 CZK
Campari Orange (campari bitter, orange juice) 135 CZK
Martini Dry Cocktail (gin, vermouth dry, triple sec, sour mix) 135 CZK
Old Fashioned (bourbon, sugar, angustura liquer, soda) 135 CZK
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (white rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, cream) 135 CZK
Pinacolada (white rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, cream) 145 CZK
Cosmopolitan (vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice) 145 CZK
Mojito / Strawberry Mojito (white rum, mint, lime, cane sugar, soda, lime juice) 145 / 155  CZK
Margarita / Chambord Margarita (raspberry liquer, tequila, sour mix) 145 / 155  CZK
Long Island Ice Tea (vodka, tequila, white rum, gin, cointreau, coca-cola, lime juice) 165 CZK
Non-alcoholic coctails 
Virgin Mojito/V. Strawberry Mojito (lime, mint, cane sugar, soda, lime juice/strawberries) 95 / 105 CZK
Virgin Colada (coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cream) 95 CZK
Shirley Temple (grenadina, soda, lime juice) 95 CZK

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